Bronson and Kiowa at Gallup Film Festival 2013

Bronson, Tinsel, and Evan at the premiere for Fishing Naked. They finally got to see it :)

3 new pictures of Bronson at the Hellman & Walter’s ‘Salute To The Stars’ Oscar after party :)

The Fishing Naked trailer is finally out!!! Since I went to the set to meet Tinsel and Bronson I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this! Enjoy :)

A short video of Bronson signing for his fans who I believe were at tent city :)

Bronson greeting fans before leaving the BD2 after party in LA

Video of Bronson at the BD2 premiere talking about his favorite twilight memories and the adventure he’s had with it

Pictures from the party after the BD2 premiere :)

A fan video made by someone who went to the event :) Bronson shows up at about 13:14

New pictures of Bronson from last night at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere